Eventide Misha

Eventide Misha; Eurorack module; interval-based sequencer; innovative user-interface: notes and sequences are entered by choosing key, scale and navigating via interval buttons; 100 factory scales and additional slots for up to 100 user-scales (Scala file support); tone row based sequencer inspired by the classic compositional technique used in serial music; clock divider for creating rhythmic variations; 4 user-assignable buttons; memory locations for 18 presets; internal oscillator; USB-C port for MIDI and QWERTY keyboards; MIDI in/out (3.5mm TRS jack); 3 CV/gate output pairs for contolling 3 voices polyphonic; 3 assignable CV/gate input pairs; audio output for the internal oscillator (3.5mm stereo jack); clock input; Scala import and firmware updates via microSD card; power consumption: 105mA (+12V) / 5mA (-12V); width: 28 HP; depth: 19mm

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